(Installation must comply with Plumbing regulations and by-laws)
1 . Turn off the main switch.( Near water metre) 2 . Unscrew the nut from the handle top. 3 . Pull out the handle. 4 . Remove the flange. 5 . Remove the old tap spindle and washer. 6 .     (Make sure there is no any objective including 7 .     the temporary tap seat inside of the tap body). 8 . No need to re-seat if Easyseal istalled 9 . Screw in Easytap spindle body firmly. 1 0 . Screw on Easytap spindle locknut. 1 1 . Re-install all tap fittings 1 2 . Turn on the main water supply.      *You must separate the locknut      before install Easytap spindle.
Easytap ceramic disc cartridge with 2 year warranty. (conditions apply). This warranty excludes of any labour and transport cost. This warranty is against of the mechanical damage, such as over forced turning.
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