(Installation must comply with Plumbing regulations and by-laws)
1. Turn off the main switch.( Near water metre)  2. Unscrew the nut from the handle top.  3. Pull out the handle.  4. Remove the flange.  5. Remove the old tap spindle and washer.  6.     (Make sure there is no any objective including   7.     the temporary tap seat inside of the tap body).  8. No need to re-seat if Easyseal istalled  9. Screw in Easytap spindle body firmly.  10. Screw on Easytap spindle locknut.  11. Re-install all tap fittings  12. Turn on the main water supply.       *You must separate the locknut      before install Easytap spindle.
Easytap ceramic disc cartridge with 12 month warranty. (conditions apply). This warranty excludes of any labour and transport cost. This warranty is against of the mechanical damage, such as over forced turning.
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